Canterbury Heritage Museum
Canterbury Heritage Museum
Two museums in one; the Museum of Canterbury with Rupert Bear Museum are housed in the former Poor Priests Hospital, a 12th century almshouse.
Museum of Canterbury
The story of Canterbury is told in this museum, covering events from pre-Roman to moddern times. There are displays of prehistoric and Saxon artefacts, Medieval remains, a wartime 'Blitz experience', and a special exhibit which invites visitors to decide for themselves who was behind the mysterious death of Canterbury's most famous native, playwrite Christopher Marlowe.

Rupert Bear Museum

The character Rupert Bear was the invention of Mary Tourtel, a native of Canterbury. This museum devoted to the world of Rupert and his friends Bill Badger, Podgy Pig and Sailor Sam is incorporated into the Museum of Canterbury. Visitors can learn about the origins of Rupert Bear, see original Rupert illustrations, dress up as a Rupert character, and enjoy interactive Rupert adventures.

As interesting as the twin museums are, the buildings in which they are housed are equally interesting. The main building dates to at least the late 12th century. In 1220 it was converted into an almshouse for poor or elderly priests. Around 1373 a solar was added to serve as a residence for the master of the hospital. A chapel was added at right angles to thedwelling areas. After 1575 the hospital became used for secular purposes, and over the intervening centuries has served as a school, workhouse, and almshouse, among other things. The crown-post roof can be seen within the museum.