Heritage Ratings

If you love history and tradition ...

You want this:   Heritage Rating 5

We love the history and heritage of Britain. You may have read our slogan': "The UK travel and heritage guide".

You are probably familiar with accommodation rating systems, like the star ratings for hotels.

That's all very well, but what about historic attractions? Wouldn't it be really nifty if there was a similar system to help gauge the historic interest of towns, villages, stately homes, historic buildings, castles, and so on?

Well there is now!

Its called the

Britain Express Heritage Rating

Without further ado:

Heritage Rating 1   1. Little heritage interest
Heritage Rating 2   2. Some heritage interest
Heritage Rating 3   3. Good heritage interest
Heritage Rating 4   4. Very high heritage interest
Heritage Rating 5   5. Exceptional heritage interest

The heritage rating is NOT a reflection of the quality of the attraction, nor a review of a visit! It is a very subjective assessment of the historic interest of an attraction.

You may have noticed that we have adopted a similar system of heritage ratings for hotel and other accommodation properties, so that you can not only find accommodation by location, budget, and quality rating, but also by the historic value of a property.


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