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Heritage at Risk Register

Posted: 2009-07-10

Heritage at Risk Register

English Heritage has maintained a register of historic sites at risk for many years. The 2009 version of the register has been released, and for the first time, the organization charged with preserving England's historic and architectural heritage has compiled a list of historic gardens and parks which are facing the prospect of damage or destruction from 'neglect, decay or inappropriate change'.

Among the 96 garden and parks highlighted in the Heritage at Risk 2009 report are Abney Park Cemetary in Hackney, London, Tilmouth Park, Northumberland, Halton House, Mentmore Towers, and Fawley Court, Buckinghamshire, and Shrubland Hall, Suffolk.

Beyond the parks and gardens which have been listed for the first time, the report includes details of over 5700 other historic sites at risk.

The sites are divided into several main categories. These are (with the number of at risk sites in brackets) Conservation Areas at Risk (727), Buildings at Risk (1631), Monuments at Risk (3351), Parks & Gardens at Risk (96), Battlefields at Risk (7), and Shipwrecks at Risk (9).

Obviously the level of risk varies from one site to the next, from serious risk of irretrievable loss, to general long-term concern. But you have to say, that's an awful lot of historic sites that are in danger of damage.

To learn more about the register, visit the English Heritage Heritage at Risk website, where you can search for sites in each area of the country and learn more about the register and the work that English Heritage is doing to preserve these important historic sites..

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