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Suffolk Walking Trails

Posted: 2011-03-14

Suffolk Walking Trails

One of the things I enjoy about the Internet is that it allows people who really, really care about a particular subject to reach other people who are interested in that same subject. I was just researching a little village in Suffolk for an article on an historic church I visited there last summer (I know, it has only taken me 9 months to get around to writing about it, but that's another story) when I ran across a refence to a website called Walking in Suffolk.

Intrigued, I followed the link and found myself at just the sort of website that makes exploring Britain so much fun. John Harris must like to explore Suffolk, for he has put together a website with links to descriptions of over 150 walks to enjoy around the country. The walks themselves are hosted on other websites all over the country, so think of Walking in Suffolk as a clearing house of information about walks in the county, rather than a source of information itself. Walks are divided up by area and range from 2 to 22 miles There are links to OS maps covering the entire county, information on walking groups, and walking related links.

So if you have a fancy to stretch your legs and explore a bit - or a lot - of what Suffolk has to offer, you could do worse than check out the Walking in Suffolk website.

Walking in Suffolk website
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