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Life in Elizabethan England

Posted: 2012-03-21

Life in Elizabethan England | website review

I'm a sucker for history websites. I can lose myself in them ages. I ran across a site today focussed on the Elizabethan period in English history. It was a decent website on the surface, but the more I browsed around the more I realised that the content was fluff, pretty much entirely created to get search engine traffic and entice users to click on advertisements. It was a turn-off, to say the least, but it got me wondering if there were any other realy good sites out there that cover the Elizabethan period.

Well, I struck gold, in the form of This wonderful website is more properly titled "Life in Elizabethan England: A Compendium of Common Knowledge, 1558-1603". The subtitle tells more of the story, "Elizabethan Commonplaces for Writers, Actors, and Re-enactors." Don't let that put you off - its really for anyone interested in the period, and the entire site is available as a book if you prefer to read the old-fashioned way! The original book, which is now in its 11th edition, was written by Maggie Secara and put online by Paul Kate Marmor.

I love the first article, a preface entitled "Short Attention Span History"! Perfect for my 11-year-old daughter, I think! But my goodness, if you want detail, its all here. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Betrothal and weddings
  • Marriage (with or without love)
  • Religion
  • Food and Drink - even an article on snack foods!
  • Servants and masters
  • Language
  • The peerage
  • Dueling
  • Religious sects
  • Daily Life
  • Shopping in London
  • Childhood
  • Science and medicine
  • Games and pastimes
  • Baby names
  • Popular sayings
  • Christmas customs
  • and much, much more ...

Whew! That's a lot!

The articles are extremely well-written, and very easy to get lost in.

The usual disclaimer:
I have absolutely no connection with the website, I just thought it was fascinating.

Life in Elizabethan England

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