14th century pew end
You enter the gardens down the flight of stairs seen here. It is down these stairs that Dorothy Vernon is said to have fled when eloping with Sir John Manners.
Tapestry in the Banqueting Hall
The first terrace (sometimes known as the Bowling Green) leads down a flight of stairs to a wider terrace of further plantings
Kitchen Fireplace
The fountain acts as a centrepiece for the main garden terrace
Earls Bedroom
Looking from the garden terrace towards the Long Galllery
Banqueting Hall
The rear of the Banqueting Hall
Long Gallery
A small stairs at the far corner of the garden allows lovely views over the grounds and the River Wye.
State Bedroom
Here, flowers have been planted on the sloping butresses for the terrace
Long Gallery door
View of the grounds and the River Wye

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