One of the most popular attractions in Hastings, the Fisherman's Museum began life as the Fishermen’s Church of St Nicholas, but was converted for use as a museum in 1956. Within the doors of the old church is a wealth of enjoyable displays based around a preserved fishing lugger.
There are old photographs, paintings, nets, and other historic paraphernalia associated with the history of fishing along the Sussex coast.

Among the most interesting exhibits is a 14 foot scale model of the 1522 ship Henri Grace A Dieu. Beside the museum are several large net stores. These large sheds, painted black, are unique to Hastings. They were used to hang fishing nets after use to allow the nets to dry.

The museum has a variety of local history books, pamphlets, and postcards for sale. Even some of the exhibited paintings can be purchased.

The museum is set in the historic Old Town area of Hastings.

Our family, with children aged 6 and 12, enjoyed the Fisherman's Museum greatly. The children were fascinated with the scale model boats, and loved the opportunity to climb all over the old lugger. Thumbs up.