Rye Castle Museum
The medieval entrance to Ypres Tower, Rye Castle Museum
There are two museums lumped together under the umbrella of the Rye Castle Museum. The more historic of the two is the Ypres Tower site. The tower is one of the oldest buildings in Rye; it was built in 1249 and houses local pottery, displays relating to smuggling, armour, replica medieval weapons, and a recreation of a medieval herb garden.

The East Street venue of the museum is housed in an old bottling factory and is focussed on the story of Rye's history over the centuries. Displays include Cinque Ports Regalia, the shipbuilding industry of Rye, the changing coastline, and the Old Rye fire engine, built in 1745. There is a special children's quiz that our youngest child, aged 7, enjoyed very much.

The Rye Local History Information System is also located at the Rye Castle Museum.