Auchindrain Open Air Museum
Auchindrain Open Air Museum
An open-air folklife museum of the West Highlands. Its history dates back over 1000 years. There is a display centre, with historic houses, barns and byres. Auchindrain is perhaps the best-preserved example of a Highland farm township, inhabited since at least 1533 and covering 21 acres.
Auchindrain was inhabited by tenants of the Duke of Argyll. Over the centuries people moved away, prompted by the Highland Clearances and agricultural improvements which made old-fashioned farming communities less tenable.

The last inhabitant of Auchindrain finally left in 1967, but rather than allow the settlement to become derelict, it was preserved as an example of a way of life that was once common in this area of Argyll and the West Highlands.

Learn about the families who lived here, and the lifestyle that was so typical of Scottish rural life. The entire settlement has been created a Conservation Area and listed Category A, a recognition of its historic importance.

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