Cothay Manor and Gardens
Cothay Manor and Gardens
A romantic 15th century manor on the water, open by arrangement for group visits and regularly during spring and summer to the general public. Surrounded by 12 acres of superb plantsmans gardens.

The manor at Cothay dates to around 1480, and is built to a traditional late medieval pattern, with a screens passage giving access to a Great Hall. The Hall features a gallery at one end and a beautifully crafted timber roof. Other chambers available to the public include a Great Chamber, Georgian Hall, Dining Room, and winter Parlour.

Throughout the house you will see beautiful 17th century wood panelling, and stained glass windows, and a section of 15th century wall painting, including an unusual depiction of Reynard the fox. Most of the furniture is 17th century. Access is by guided tour, usually led by family members, helping emphasise that Cothay is very much a family home rather than a stuffy museum!

The celebrated gardens at Cothay date to the late 15th century. The story goes that to celebrate the end of the conflict Richard Bluett planted both a red rose and a white rose on the terrace outside the manor.

That may have started the tradition of roses at Cothay, but the 12 acres of gardens we see today are primarily the work of Colonel Reginald Cooper DSO. Beginning in the 1920s, Cooper laid out a series of garden rooms, using lush colour, perfectly set off by the historic manor house.

You can still see red and white roses on the terrace, but the gardens now include thousands of white tulips in spring, and in summer the gardens are a symphony of colour, with azaleas, a cottage garden, a yew walk, bog garden, riverside walks, and drifts of primulas. The result is a garden that has been lauded as one of the 20 best in England, according to a feature in the Daily Telegraph.

Garden: 12 acres of gardens surrounding a lovely 15th century manor house. A yew walk leads to a variety of garden rooms, with a bog garden, cottage garden, river walk, and lovely old trees. Top rating in the Good Garden Guide.