Postman's Park
Postman's Park

Postman's Park is best known for the Watts Memorial. This memorial was a concept by sculptor GF Watts, who wanted to commemorate brave, selfless deeds. The memorial is composed of a long wall under a canopy, on which are arranged rows of tile plaques, each one commemorating a deed of heroism.

Here you will find examples of people who saved children by running into burning buildings, or dived into the water to save a drowning friend. Its a strangely affecting memorial, full of Victorian sentiment, but made all the more powerful because of its simplicity. Here's an example:
Mary Rodgers, Stewardess of the Stella, March 30, 1899, Self Sacrificed by Giving up her life belt and voluntarily going down in the sinking ship
The park also contains a modern sculpture called Minotaur, by Michael Ayrton.

Beside the Watts memorial a group of gravestones lean against a wall. These are reminders of the days when Postman's Park belonged to the churches of St Leonards, Foster Lane, St Botolph's, Aldgate, and Christ Church, Newgate Street.