A Modernist house and garden. Both house and garen were designed by architect Patrick Gwynne and togeher they form an excellent example of Modernist philosophy and ideals of style.
Gwynne (1913 – 2003) was perhaps the best known British exponent of Modernist ideals, and The Homewood was his most successful and influential design. The house was designed in 1938 for Gwynne's parents, on an 8 acre site in Esher, Surrey. His design for The Homewood emphasized Modernist ideas of flat surfaces, extensive use of man-made materials, and lack of ornamentation. When Gwynne died in 2003 he left The Homewood to the National Trust so that it could be preserved for future generations to visit.

Please note: Though owned by the National Trust, The Homewood is tenanted and can only be visited via a minibus from Claremont Landscape Garden. See National Trust website for details.