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Free Walking Tour of Belgravia, London

Posted: 2009-06-08

I find interesting travel information in the strangest, most unlooked-for places; here's one I found in the Google ads right here on this blog! By sheer chance I glanced at one of the advertisements, and saw somerhing intriguing about free walking tours of Belgravia, London. I clicked on the link, and here's what I discovered:

Every Saturday in June, City of Westminster Guides take visitors on a fascinating, completely free walking tour of Belgravia, London. The free tours cover in the history, architecture, and the people who made Belgravia into the elegant region it is today.

Along the way, you will discover interesting information about people as diverse as Thomas Cubitt, who helped develop the area, the Grosvenor family who were among the leaders of high society here, plus James Bond and Lady Margaret Thatcher. You'll also discover Belgravia's connection to the Great Train Robbery! You will also stroll through some of London's most unique and sought-after shopping areas.

Tour guides are fully qualified City of Westminster Guides, with an intimate knowledge and appreciation of Belgravia. The walks are completely free, so, understandably, pre-booking is highly, highly recommended. Walks can be pre-booked by calling call 07944 775 812 or by visiting the Story of Belgravia website.

Walks start at 1pm and 3.30pm in Belgravia and finish at The Thomas Cubitt Restaurant on Elizabeth Street, where complementary (i.e. free) refreshments are available, while live musicians play selections from composers who lived and worked in Belgravia. The Story of Belgravia website also sponsor a treasure-hunt style competiotion for children, called Eye Spy Belgravia. Children can identify Belgravia landmarks from tightly cropped photographs, and win prizes donated by local merchants.

After finding out about these walking tours, I'm going to pay a lot more attention to the adverts on these pages!

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