Aldborough Roman Site
Aldborough Star Mosaic
Aldborough is the site of the old Roman city of Isurium. The foundations of civic buildings and outer defensive walls can be seen clearly. The city of Isurium was popular with the most powerful officials of Roman York, and many of the consuls and governors of York had their villas at Aldborough.
The church at Aldborough has a Roman carving of the god Mercury built into the stone of the north aisle. There is a museum on site containing artefacts found during excavation.

Aldorough is a fascinating site, part excavated Roman finds, part romantic Victorian garden created around the Roman city. The best preserved part of the site are a pair of very well-preserved Roman mosaics, protected under modern buildings. You can peer through the open doorway of the buildings and get a very clear view of the mosaic floors from only a few feet away - much closer than at many other major Roman sites.

The remainder of the site is a mix of short sections of walls with associated earthwork banks, and carefully arranged Victorian rows and groves of trees, arranged to create a shaded garden space from the Roman ruins. The small museum at the entrance has an extremely good display of finds from the site and the surrounding area.