Stanway Manor gatehouse
Stanway Manor gatehouse
A quiet Cotswold village graced by the Stanway Water Gardens.

The Village
Stanway is spread out along the road towards Stanton, with no really discernable village centre beyond the church. But what a location! The church and manor of Stanway are cheek-by-jowl, so close that it is hard to know where one ends and the other begins. The manor is home to Stanway Water Gardens, a baroque garden featuring a 300 ft high fountain and a grand canal beside the lovely manor house.

I suggest coming to Stanway off the B4077. You come around a turn in the lane to find the imposing entry of Stanway Manor looming up suddenly amid the greenery. It really is a pretty sight, with the small church so close by, and rose-bestrewn cottages across the road.

The Church
The parish church of St Peter has a lovely churchyard, approached by a rose-surrounded gate, with large yew and other trees providing greenery. The church is primarily 12th century, with much Victorian restoration work.

The juxtaposition of the church and Stanway Manor is truly striking. The cottages beside the road through Stanway are typical Cotswolds - all warm stone and flower-laden trellises. I discovered Stanway by accident; I return often by choice.