Bredon Tithe Barn
Bredon Tithe Barn
Bredon tithe barn is a superb medieval stone barn, now administered by the National Trust. The barn was built in the 14th century of local Cotswold stone. The chimney cowling is unique, as is the wide, aisled interior that gives the barn the air of a medieval church. What makes the barn so interesting is that it has been almost completely unaltered since the 14th century.

There are a pair of large timber-framed porches on the east side (which is the only side accessible to visitors). A set of external stairs leads up to a bailiff's solar, or private chamber, over one of the potches. The interior is divided into nine bays delineated by timber posts set on stone plinths. The overall size of the barn is roughly 130 x 40 feet.

The barn can be tricky to find; it is located to the west of the church, down a narrow unpaved lane. There is a National Trust sign, but it is set well back from the road and can be obscured by foliage, so keep a sharp eye open!

Interior of Bredon Tithe Barn
Interior of the tithe barn