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Farleigh Hungerford Castle Death Masks

Posted: 2009-05-20

Farleigh Hungerford Castle, in north Somerset, is a favourite of mine. Its a delightful place to visit, but it has a less than delightful past, as a new tour from English Heritage highlights.

According to English Heritage press release:

The Hungerford Family's colourful past has always been a big draw for visitors to the castle, and recent photography just goes to highlight the rare treasures Farleigh Hungerford Castle holds. Descend into the crypt and see for yourself the lead coffins with 'death masks' of the deceased imprinted on them - the best example of their kind in Britain.

See the English Heritage website for more details, including a quite grotesque photo of a death mask, looking like it belongs in a sci-fi horror film..

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