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English History and Travel website

Posted: 2009-07-02

English History and Travel website

I'm a real sucker for anything that evokes the history and culture of traditional England. You can imagine my delight, then, when I ran across a website that does just that. The website is called Essentially England, and its a real treasure trove of information about the history, culture, and heritage of traditional England.

A big part of Essentially England is sharing traditional recipes. Here you will find recipes for such traditional delights as Lancashire Hotpot, Yorkshire Pudding, Cornish Pasty, and Cumberland Sauce. There's also a listing of food festivals so you can 'eat your way around England'.

There's an England Blog, travel tips, a travel newsletter, and a place for users to share their own stories of England. There's a section of photos of English locations, and short travel guides to several of the more popular county destinations - Wiltshire, Devon, Gloucestershire, Suffolk, Norfolk, and Northumberland.

But its in the history department that Essentially England really shines. There's a timeline, a 'this month in English History', and an overview of the major historical periods, plus biographies of monarchs, and lots of information on historic places to see.

Essentially England is the sort of website I could visit for one particular piece of information and emerge hours later, with a satisfied sigh!

Essentially England

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