OS Map Auction

Posted: 2011-03-17

OS Map Auction

I always bring Ordnance Survey maps when I explore a new part of the country. I find that the information on an OS map (particularly the larger scale Explorer maps) is so incredibly useful for the type of travel I do; useful for walks, and with plenty of historic sites and other visitor attractions indicated on the map. I usually order regular paper maps, but there are alternatives; one that I know of is a laminated OS map, which are incredibly useful for walkers. The main supplier I am aware of for laminated OS maps is Aqua3, a Derbyshire company.

I just found out that Aqua3 are offering a different way to buy OS maps that just might save you a bit of cash. You're no doubt familar with the 'auction' style of Internet business, made famous by Ebay. Well now you can get OS maps by auction. The Aqua3 website has a new OS map auction which might enable you to get huge discounts on laminated maps.

How much money could you save?

Well, in theory, up to 45% off regular prices, but that, of course, depends on how many people bid for a given map.

This is proving to be a popular way to save money on OS maps; the first time I tried to access the auction, the Aqua3 website was down - temporarily overwhelmed by visitors like me. But when I tried again later all was well and I was able to browse the auctions easily. Its pretty simple if you are used to the way Ebay works. You first have to register, then when you see a map you want, you enter a maximum bid that you are willing to pay. The system keeps track of your maximum bid and will automatically bid up to that price, increasing it as needed until the auction deadline is reached. Again, if you are familiar with Ebay the OS auction functions the same way.

If you are like me and always travel with an OS map, this seems to be a good way to save some money.

Here are the details:

  • All Explorer and Landranger maps are included in the auction
  • Laminated maps only
  • Discounts apply to individual maps, not just multiple purchases
  • All maps are current edition - guaranteed
  • Auctions run from 07:00 to 22:00 daily
  • You can buy up to 50 maps at the same price
  • £1 postage (UK mainland only)

Disclosure: Um, there isn't one. We don't get anything for for mentioning the auction; it just seemed like a neat thing to share.

Aqua3 OS map auction
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