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Clergy of the Church of England Database

Posted: 2011-03-27

Clergy of the Church of England Database

I love the work that the Institute of Historical Research is doing. They're the folks who publish the British History Online website, a hugely interesting database of articles on the history and architecture of parishes across England, drawing on the contributions of some of the top historians in the country. Until today I hadn't realised that the IHR has many more strings to their [historical] bow.

Among other fascinating projects they also publish the Clergy of the Church of England Database, otherwise known as the CCEd. The CCEd database covers the period 1540-1835 and records the clerical careers of bishops, rectors, vicars, in short, everyone serving in the Church of England during that time span. This record provides a wonderful resource for one of the most influential and important groups of people in England and Wales from the Reformation to the Victorian period.

Who is it for?
Well, anyone, but the people who will really get the most of the the CCEd are local and amateur historians and family history researchers.

The CCEd is a collaborative effort between King's College London, the Universities of Reading and Kent.

The CCEd’s major features include:

  • Records covering the major events of clerical careers, such as ordination and subsequent appointments
  • Information about parishes, chapelries and even people with private chaplains
  • Information about patrons, many of whom were women
  • Information on schools and schoolteachers, many of which were connected to the church
  • A search facility for investigating the records, as well as the ability to just browse records
  • Descriptions and maps for dioceses, lists of bishops and parishes, and a glossary of terms

The Clergy Database
Institute of Historical Research

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