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Sacred Destinations

Posted: 2012-05-06

Sacred Destinations in Britain

I ran across a gem of a website a little while back, while I was researching places to see in the UK, and I wanted to share it with readers of Britain Express. The website is called and if you have even a passing interest in places with special historic and spiritual significance, you'll be inspired by exploring the site. 

Sacred Destinations is the brainchild of Americans Holly and David Hayes, avid travellers and photographers. The photography is worth noting, because the places covered are beautifully illustrated by original photography, and its the photos that really help make Sacred Destinations so enjoyable. That and the fact that the articls on places to visit are thorough and very informative. I even found a very good article about a little church a few miles from where I live in the north Cotswolds.

Who is the site aimed at? Simply put ...

  • Pilgrims
  • Any traveler interested in historical or scenic sites
  • Anyone with an interest in religion, history, or religious heritage, art, or architecture

Do you have to be particularly religious to enjoy the site?

Not at all. The definition of 'Sacred' is a very broad one and includes geographic places traditionally linked to sacred traditions, including mountains, rivers, wells, temples, and even Egyptian pyramids. Though the website covers some 61 countries around the world (and counting), there is a sizable amount of content focussed on UK destinations.

By my count there are 122 English locations featured, 13 in Scotland, and 5 from Wales. All the 'big name' sacred sites are included, like Stonehenge, Avebury, St David's Cathedral, and Iona Abbey, but so are lesser known delights like Black Bourton church (Oxon), and St Mary's Abbey (York). Articles include History, What to See, a location map, quick facts about the site and its architecture, and a bibliography of other sources. In addition to the beautifully illustrated articles there are links to travel resources including accommodation, guidebooks, tour operators, and travel passes. Sacred Destinations is a great resource and really enjoyable to browse.

I really enjoy browsing Sacred Destinations.

Sacred Destinations website

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