Just inside the main south entrance to York Minster a set of stairs lead down into the Crypt and Undercroft. This is the oldest part of the Minster - and some of the remains you will see here pre-date the Minster by quite a bit!
Much of the Undercroft and the Crypt has been turned into amodest museum showcasing artefacts found on the site and explaining how the Minster is built.
Fragmentary remains of Roman plasterwork can be seen, as well as foundations of the nave walls. Comparatively recent is the 10th century grave marker in the undercroft.
The Crypt
View through the arches of the Crypt
Norman piers in the Crypt
Norman piers in the Crypt
Norman pier
Detail of Norman pier, showing traditional chevron markings
wooden chest
Carved chest, preserved in the Crypt
10th centurygravestone
10th century gravestone in the Undercroft
Foundation walls
The foundations of the Minster, exposed in the Undercroft
Roman plastwork
Remains of Roman plasterwork in the Undercroft