The River Dove meanders slowly through Dovedale, one of the Peak District's most popular walking areas. The most easily accessed section of Dovedale is the 3 mile stretch that begins at Milldale in the north and runs through a wooded valley to a parking area just west of Thorpe. There are parking areas at both ends of this section.

Near the southern end of the trail a series of stepping stones crosses the river. These can be slippery if the weather is adverse, so be careful, and wear good footwear.

The path itself is very wide and easy to stroll, with a few brief climbs where it wanders up the hillside above the River Dove. The rock formations along the east bank of the river are intriguing, and, to this observer at least, an aura of peaceful seclusion hangs over the valley, making a walk in Dovedale one of the highlights of a visit to the Peak District.

For a selection of images from a recent family visit, see our Dovedale Photo Gallery. These should help convey just how lovely this area is!

Ordnance Survey Explorer map #24 covers Dovedale. Available at Aqua3 in both weatherproof and normal versions.