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Old Beaupre Castle reopening

Posted: 2011-03-08

Old Beaupre Castle reopening

Far too frequently historic buildings crumble and decay - often without anyone even noticing - so it is really pleasing when I hear news of a valuable historic property being restored and open to the public. Old Beaupre Castle in Glamorgan, south east Wales, falls into that category. The castle (more of a manor house, despite the name) has been the subject of a major restoration project to protect and preserve the magnificent Renaissance porch to the property.

The porch restoration is now complete and the castle will be opening to visitors once more on Friday, 18 March, 2011.

The castle dates to the late 14th century, with much Tudor rebuilding. It is one of the best examples of a medieval manor in the portfolio of CADW, Welsh Heritage, the government organisation responsible for preserving historic properties in Wales.

Access to Old Beaupre is via a layby off the St Athan-Cowbridge road.

Our article on Old Beaupre Castle
CADW website official information on Old Beaupre
(as of this writing the CADW website still lists the castle as closed but this is incorrect; the castle will open on 18 March as mentioned above)
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Note - image of Old Beaupre Castle is © CADW, used by permission

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