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Country Churches in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire

Posted: 2012-05-29

Church Photographer | Country Churches in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire

Anyone who has poked around the Britain Express website will quickly realise that one of my abiding passions is the English country church. I love visiting, photographing, reading about, and writing about these wonderful historic buildings. It is always a great thrill when I get to meet others who share my enthusiasm.

I haven't met Nick Temple-Fry in person, but I can't help but get the impression he feels the same way I do about historic churches. How can I tell? By browsing his engaging and enjoyable website - The Church Photographer. Perhaps the site slogan says it all; 'Sharing the love of the British Country Church. In photographs and words.'

The Church Photographer website does just what it says on the tin; its a collection of phoptos and articles covering country churches, primarily in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, with the occasional Berkshire and Oxfordshire church thrown in for good measure. The photos are excellent, and the articles informative and useful for anyone planning to visit country churches in this area. I have bookmarked the website and will definitely be visiting some of the churches Nick has visited.

All told I make it 87 churches covered, among them are a few of my favourites in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, including 

Ampney St Mary
Duntisbourne Rouse

Castle Eaton
Great Bedwyn

And a lot more!

Church Photographer website

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