Carfax Tower, Oxford

Carfax Tower stands at the conjunction of St. Aldate's, Cornmarket, Queen, and High Street in central Oxford. The name Carfax, derives from the French "carrefour", or "crossroads", and the tower's location makes it a good central reference point for touring the old city centre of Oxford.

The Tower is all that remains of the 13th century St. Martin's Church. If you are fit (or simply determined) a climb to the top of the 74 foot high tower is rewarded by an excellent view over central Oxford.

Look for the clock on the east side of Carfax. It is a copy of the original church clock, with mechanical figures called "quarterboys" which hammer out the quarter hour on bells.

Carfax Tower is open year-round, though with shorter hours in winter, and there is a small charge. Its well worth it, though, for the views across the city are really something.