King's Quoit Cromlech
King's Quoit Cromlech
Two small side stones support a striking capstone in this small Neolithic chambered tomb, or cromlech. The tomb is beautifully perched in a dramatic location above Manorbier Bay.
This is an unusual site, as the capstone is supported by the sloping hillside on one end and only partly by three upright stones. This type of chamber is known as sub-megalithic. The relatively small uprights mean the chamber is only about 1 metre high, yet the capstone is huge, projecting out from the hillside some 4 metres, and about 2.5 metres wide and 0.5 metres thick. The stones are all local red sandstone.

What really makes King's Quoit so much fun to visit is the fantastic location overlooking Manorbier Bay. Its the sort of place you just want to sit and watch the world go by. Perhaps that was the point for the Neolithic builders, too?

Do take time to explore the medieval castle and the wonderful early medieval church on the hillside, just inland of the quoit.

Getting There
There is a parking area near the castle, and access to the coast is easy. Follow the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path along the cliffs to the east, and the cromlech is located at the south-east corner of the bay. You can easily make out the cromlech from the beach, about halfway up the hillside.