600 grams cheddar cheeze (medium or old), shredded
4 medium to large onion, chopped
pastry for upper and lower crusts

Boil onions in a little water. When transparent, drain, reserving the liquid. Mix shredded cheeze into HOT onions. If mixture seems a little dry, add a LITTLE of the reserved stock (the remainder can be frozen for soup stock).

Pour mixture into unbaked pie shell and cover with pastry top. Bake at 350 F until shell is golden brown. Serve hot or cold. Excellent with a salad and Branson pickle.

Note: If you have too much mixture for your pie shell, mix a bit of dry mustard in it and spread over toast for a "mock" Welsh Rarebit.

This is a recipe my mother brought from England when we immigrated. I have fond memories of my dad and I coming home, smelling Mom's cheeze & onion and attempting to devour it long before it's designated meal time. My Canadian husband has now carried on this tradition and I find it a favourite when taken to pot lucks, etc.

Recipe submitted by Madge Ferguson

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