Linn o' Quoich

The Story Behind the Image - Linn o' Quoich

The Linn o' Quoich must be one of the most beautiful woodland areas in Scotland - and one of the least visited. There's a reason for that; it takes a determined effort to reach the Linn o' Quoich.

You have to drive west from Braemar along the south bank of the River Dee until you reach the Linn o' Dee where a picturesque bridge takes you over the river to the north bank.

Now you have to drive back in the opposite direction along the north bank of the River Dee until you come to the end of the road at the Linn o' Quoich parking area.

Ah, but those who are determined enough to make the journey are rewarded by a simply wonderful natural area of ancient woodland, and a superb series of waterfalls and pools that include the 'Punch Bowl'. It is well worth taking the time to visit Linn o' Quoich!

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