NOTE: This page is intended for representatives of accommodation properties. If you are looking for information about booking accommodation, or have a comment about accommodation you have booked through us, please use this page instead.

Please, please read this carefully:
We get many inquiries from accommodation providers who want their property to appear on the Britain Express website.

Online Booking

We also work with several established UK accommodation booking services which allow users to book your property online. We publish information provided to these booking services by you, the accommodation provider, so by signing up with the appropriate booking service provider your property will be available for booking by users of Britain Express and through a network of other UK travel websites.

Self Catering

We currently publish information from several cottage booking agencies, including Sykes Cottages and It would be worth your while to investigate each and find the one that best suits your business model. Once you are signed up, we will add your cottage to our listings and visitors will be able to book directly through the booking agency.

If you are already listed in our self-catering directory but your cottage details need to be updated, please use the form below.


Please contact Eviivo, who offer a booking service suitable for B&Bs, guest houses, and small hotels.

If the above did not adequately answer your questions, please read the following FAQ. Hopefully, these will answer any questions you may have, but if not, please feel free to contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.


My hotel/self-catering property/B&B is listed in your booking service but the details need to be changed or updated

1. My property is listed in your booking service but the details need to be changed or updated
  • All details of accommodation providers are as provided to us by the booking agencies we use (see above). If the details we have for your hotel are incorrect, it is quite likely that your listings need to be updated with these agencies.

If you'd like us to update your accommodation property details please use the contact form below. It is very helpful if you include the complete property name and full address, as we're unlikely to immediately know where your hotel is located just with the name!

Contact Britain Express

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IMPORTANT: PLEASE double-check your e-mail address.