The English Tourism Council's star rating will help you choose the accommodation that's right for you. Assessors have visited hotels, flats, houses, cottages and serviced appartments on your behalf assessing quality, including comfort, space, facilities and most important of all cleanliness. The quality rating system is easy to use and is based on extensive research. So when you choose a Star-rated property you can rest assured that your expectations will be met or even exceeded. Please note that some hotels choose not to participate in the rating system, so that the absence of a rating does not indicate poor quality of amenities or service.

How to choose the Star Rating that is right for you.
Quite simply, the more Stars, the higher the overall level of quality you can expect to find. Establisments at higher rating levels also have to meet some additional requirements for facilities. All properties have to meet an extensive list of minimum requirements before they can be considered for a Star rating. From there, increased levels of quality apply.

1 star
Acceptable overall level of quality. Adequate provision of furniture, furnishings and fittings. One star hotels tend to be smaller, privately owned, properties. Accommodation is simple and practical with limited facilities and services. At least 75% of bedrooms will have en-suite or private bath/shower rooms. There is an eating area offering breakfast to residents and their guests, plus a licensed bar or lounge. Dinner may or may not be offered. Friendly and courteous staff offering efficient if limited levels of service.

2 stars
Two star hotels tend to be small, privately owned properties, including resort hotels, Inns and Small commercial hotels. Accommodation offers a good degree of space and convenience. Décor and furnishings may be simple but are well maintained. All bedrooms will have en-suite or private facilities. Services may be limited but efficient, provided by proprietor, management or well-trained staff. Breakfast is offered daily to residents and their guests. Dinner is available at least five nights per week.

3 stars
A more formal style of hotel, likely to be larger than one and two star hotels, with a greater range of facilities and services. Bedroom accommodation will be spacious and designed for comfort and convenient use,including Colour television, telephones, radios and desk/dressing table areas. Public areas will include lounge seating, a restaurant and bar.

More formal service will include a staffed Reception desk. Dinner will be provided seven nights per week and light snack lunches are available in the bar or lounge, together with a wide range of drinks. Continental breakfast is available from Room Service. There is a laundry service available.

4 stars
More formal service is expected at this level. Accommodation is of a very high standard, offering a wide range of facilities and services. All bedrooms will be designed and furnished for comfort and ease of use, with very good quality furniture, beds and soft furnishings. All rooms will have en-suite bath and shower facilities.

Service will reflect attention to detail and quality. There must be a formal reception and porters’ desks with uniformed staff offering a proactive style of service. The restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner seven days per week. Serious attention is paid to food and drink. Table service is available in the bar or lounge. Cooked and continental breakfast available, cold snacks and beverages available from Room Service 24 hours per day.

Where leisure facilities are provided these will be of a high quality, very well maintained and supervised as appropriate.

5 stars
Accommodation must be of luxury quality with services to match. Spacious bedroom suites and public areas. A selection of catering options all offering cuisine and service of the highest international quality. Extensive range of facilities include leisure, retail and conference services. Highly trained, professional staff providing exceptional levels of anticipatory service.