2 eggs
6oz mature cheddar cheese
4 med mushrooms
1 tomato
salt & pepper

Recipe feeds one

Cooking Instructions
(1) Wipe mushrooms & fry gently in a little oil & butter.

(2) Slice cheese thinly & place in ovenproof dish, grill until cheese bubbles. Pour the beaten & seasoned eggs over the cheese, and slice the tomato & place on top. Grill gently until eggs rise and check middle with a knife to make sure it is cooked through. Serve with hot toast & butter.

Preparation: slice tomato thinly, slice mushrooms, slice cheese, beat seasoned eggs. You can add chopped, cubed ham, or, chopped sweet peppers. Warning: the dish becomes very hot. Use oven gloves or similar at all times. Tell the recipient not to touch the dish! Good for breakfast or supper dish.

Submitted by: Robert Wood (Musselburgh )

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