Devil's Humps Barrows (c) Simon Huguet
Devil's Humps Barrows

Devil's Humps Barrows is a series of bell and bowl barrows also known as The King's Graves, set atop Bow Hill, in Kingley Vale, near Chichester. The site has also been classed as a barrow cemetery. It takes a good climb to reach the barrows from the car parking area at West Stoke.

There are six barrows in total; two of the bell type, two bowl type, and two pond type. The cemetery area is partly enclosed by a ditch.

Ancient Legends

Legends cling to the barrows; one tale says that if you want to meet the devil, all you have to do is run around the barrows seven times.

Other local legends suggest that the barrows are actually the burial places of Viking warriors killed in battles with the Saxons. The ghosts of the dead warriors are said to haunt the hilltop. In actuality the barrows date to the Bronze Age, making any Viking connection a few thousand years out of date.