Pass of the Cattle

The Story Behind the Image - Pass of the Cattle Waterfalls

One of the most enjoyable photography outings of my life was a wonderful day I spent exploring the Pass of the Cattle in Wester Ross, and the amazing Applecross peninsula.

The Pass of the Cattle (Bealach na Ba in Gaelic) is a high mountain pass leading from Applecross on the coast to Ardarroch and Loch Kishorn. As the name suggests, the Pass of the Cattle was used as a route road for drovers taking their cattle to market.

It is the closest thing in the UK to an alpine pass and is usually impassable in the winter months.

I was driving over the Pas from east to west (Ardarroch to Applecross) and as I drove, my eye kept being drawn by the peculiar conical peak off to the west of the road.

I found a place to pull over and park and took my camera gear down the slope to Russel Burn where I found this lovely waterfall.

What you can't see in this photo is that a pair of naturalists were investigating mountain flora at the top of the falls. Their heads kept bobbing up above the waterfall just as I was ready to press my camera shutter.

Thankfully, they realised they were making an unexpected guest appearance in my photo and asked if I wanted them to keep low while I took this shot. So, you can't see it, but just out of sight above the waterfall are two very helpful scientists keeping their heads low to the ground!

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