Hermitage Castle, Scottish Borders
Hermitage Castle, Scottish Borders

Ancient Britain
From stone circles to henges, hill forts to causewayed camps, England and Wales are covered with prehistoric remains. Who built them and why? Which are worth visiting and how do you get there?

Profiles of the finest castles (and some unknown ones) in England and Wales. Let us show you the best British castles and their fascinating history. Where to go and how to get there.

Let Dr Barbara Sommerville, a biologist of international reputation, take you on a tour of the best British gardens, from the famous to the just plain beautiful. Landscape gardens, botanical gardens, cottage gardens, and more. What will you see and when is the best time to go to see it?

Historic Houses
From mock castles to cosy manors, this is your guide to British historic houses and the people who lived in them. History comes alive in this series of articles.

Which attractions are worth seeing and why? Find the hidden corners of London that even Londoners don't know about! Get the most out of this most fascinating of cities.

Trace your British ancestry with the aid of your expert guide, Tim Cooper. Learn where to look and what to look for. Are there royals lurking in your family tree (or sheep farmers)? Let Tim help you find out.

Study the fascinating history of medieval heraldry with professional heraldry designer JP Hardin. Learn how to create an authentic coat of arms for your own family.

British Food
Our newest column by Hazel Whyte. Every month Hazel trots out a mouth-watering traditional recipe from Britain. Resist if you dare!

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