Langford Saxon church, Oxfordshire

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Pilgrim’s Association
Somewhat like a church version of the Historic Houses Association, the association, billing itself as Cathedrals Plus, is a group of the major Cathedrals, Churches, Abbeys and Shrines in the UK and Ireland. Members include both Anglican and Catholic churches and monasteries.

Friends of Friendless Churches
Similar to the Churches Conservation Trust, the FFC works to preserve churches of beauty and historic significance that have become redundant. The Trust owns over 40 churches, half in England, half in Wales.

Historic Chapels Trust
An English organisation which looks after redundant chapels and other places of worship which are of outstanding architectural interest (Grade I or II). Includes synagogues, Catholic and Anglican churches, and non-Conformist chapels.

Scottish Redundant Churches Trust
Rescues redundant churches from decay, preserves and keeps them open for visitors.

Scotland Churches Trust
Encourages people to visit Scotland's churches and chapels. A very good database of churches with historical overviews of each property.

Small Pilgrim Places
More spiritually oriented than many other groups listed here, the SPP helps promote and link together small places of worship for 'spiritual tourism'.

The Ecclesiological Society
The society's slogan says it all; 'for those who love churches'.

Christianity and Culture
A research and educational project based at the University of York, publishes in-depth information on church history, architecture, and art.

England's Christian Heritage

Focussed on church history, architecture, and a county by county list of places associated with famous Christians, including John Bunyan, John Wesley, Elizabeth Fry, and William Wilberforce.

National Churches Trust
A national organisation that supports and promotes Christian places of worship in the UK.

  • The Trust operates 'Explore Churches', a collection of themed lists of the best churches to explore in each county.

Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland
A fabulous pictorial record of Romanesque architectural detail in churches across Britain. Superb stuff.

British History Online
This wonderful academic site has extremely detailed articles on many parishes and churches, including history and architectural notes.

A Church Near You
If you plan on visiting a church anywhere in Britain, you NEED this website. ACNY is the definitive source of information about locating churches.

GENUKI Church Database
Part of the huge GENUKI genealogical site, the Church Database contains historical records for most churches that existed in the 19th century.

Church Monuments Society
A society geared towards the study and preservation of historic churches.

Society for Church Archaeology
Promotes the study of places of worship and presents the results in a newsletter, and an annual conference and journal.

Mausolea and Monuments Trust
A charity that preserves mausoleums and other funeral monuments in the UK.

Church Crawler
A celebration of church architecture by Phil Draper

The Churches of Britain and Ireland
A wonderful resource with photos of over 24,000 churches across Britain.

Greater Churches Network
An association of some of the best historic churches in England that are NOT cathedrals. Includes most of the major historic parish churches in the country.

Church Tourism Network Wales
An invaluable resource with information and links to historic churches throughout Wales, with maps and opening details.

County Church Trusts

Many English counties have their own individual trust that cares for historic churches. Here's a current list of county trusts >>

Regional Websites:

Historic Churches of Berkshire
A wonderfully detailed collection of articles and photos on the history and architecture of Royal Berkshire's best churches.

Suffolk Churches
A superb personal account by Simon Knott of visits to the wonderful medieval churches of Suffolk - highly recommended.

Friends of City Churches

A terrific resource for visiting London's historic churches.

Round Tower Churches Society
There are over 180 churches with round towers in Britain, almost all are in East Anglia, most in Norfolk.

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