Callanish Stone Circle Sunset, Isle of Lewis

The Story Behind the Image - Callanish Stone Circle Sunset

I love this photo - and I love Callanish!

I made a special trip to the Isle of Lewis to photograph the stone circle at Callanish. I booked a hotel just a mile or so away to make sure that I would be close to the stone circle for early morning photography.

As it turned out, I got this photo on my first visit on my first night on Lewis.

I photographed the standing stones from the other side while the sun was setting, and though I liked the photos there was nothing eye-catching about them.

Then, as the sun sank down to the horizon, I moved around to the other side of the stone circle to photograph the stones silhouetted against the fading sun and the deep blue sky of night.

I positioned myself so that the sun would appear between two tall stones in the centre of the circle and snapped this photo just before the sun sank below the horizon. What an amazing sight it was!

An Award-Winning Photo

I had no idea of just how meaningful this photo would become to me. Years later I read about a photo contest for Historic Photographer of the Year, sponsored in part by Historic England.

On a whim, I decided to enter some photos I had taken of historic places in Britain. To my delight, this photo was awarded the 2018 Historic Photographer of the Year Award in the Ancient History category. You can read more about the award, and more to the point, you can put a print of my award-winning photo on your own wall!

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