Large knob of salted English butter, or slightly salted olive oil
Worcestershire sauce (Lee & Perrins advised)
Port Wine
Two slices of thick cut country bread to be toasted.

Cooking Instructions:
Melt the butter into a smallish fry pan, using a slow heat. Put in the Kidneys when hot, turn to sear both sides and then flat side down. Good splash of Worcestershire sauce, then a measure of Port wine.

Continue to cook for a total of about five minutes, adding another dash of Port wine each time the sauce starts to thicken.

Put the slices of toast on a pre-heated plate and six pieces of kidney on each, then divide the sauce between the two. A little ground black pepper will not go amiss.

County Home Breakfast for the Butler and Cook the morning following a banquet. Two regular items from the menu would be smoked salmon and mutton. The Butler would have the kidneys and the cook the scrapings from the smoked salmon skin as a salmon omelet.

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