Traditionally a country house cook collected leftover salmon following a banquet and prepared this meal the next morning. The salmon used here are the pieces that were scraped from the skin and bits that fell away during slicing during the banquet.

Three very fresh eggs beaten, with a small amount of white pepper added.
Salmon pieces (see above)

Cooking Instructions:
The Omelet pan should be steel or iron and heated to the hottest possible.

A tiny knob of butter or Olive Oil, followed by the eggs, stirring with a wooden spoon at the same time as the salmon bits go in. Lift the lightly singed egg into the centre for very little time then toss it onto a pre-heated plate.

County Home Breakfast for the Butler and Cook the morning following a banquet. Two regular items from the menu would be smoked salmon and mutton. The Butler would have the kidneys as deviled kidneys and the cook the scrapings from the smoked salmon skin.

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