Holy Island
Holy Island
Holy Island is both a village and an island, though both are sometimes interchangeably called Lindisfarne. Technically, however, Holy Island is the small village on the tidal island of Holy Island, upon which sit the remains of both Lindisfarne Priory and Lindisfarne Castle.

The island can only be reached by way of a road causeway, and then only at times of low tide. The village is a very attractive place, often quiet, though it can be crowded during the height of the tourist season.

There are several large paid parking areas within an easy walking distance of the village, and since the island is so small, the rest of the island can easily be reached on foot from the parking areas.

Within the village stand the striking remains of Lindisfarne Priory, a medieval monastic settlement on the site of a monastery founded by St Aidan in AD 635.

Beside the priory is the ancient parish church of St.Mary the Virgin, which stands on the presumed site of St Aidan's monastery.

A short walk up the coast from Holy Island village brings you to Lindisfarne Castle, a restored medieval fortress perched atop a rocky column above the sea. Holy Island - both the village and the island - is well worth a visit.