The Priest's House, Itchingfield
A small village with a fine historic church which features a detached priest's house. The priest's house is a lovely 15th-century building of half-timber and brick, built to house the travelling priest who came to Itchingfield from Sele Priory in Upper Breeding to collect church tithes.

As for the church itself, it features a quite remarkable 14th-century belfry, held together without nails, using only wooden pegs.

A story attaches to the belfry. It seems that when the belfry tower was being rebuilt in the 1860s, one of the workmen found a skull carefully set on one of the belfry beams. Local stories suggest that it was the skull of Sir Hector Maclean, who was executed for treason during the Jacobite Rising of 1715.

The then vicar of Itchingfirld was a friend of Maclean, and it is thought that he preserved his friend's skull in this out of the way place.