Purveyors of luxury items and jewellery to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

Spink & Son Ltd,
5, King St, St James’s,
London SW1Y 6QS
Tel: 020 7930 7888

Suppliers of objects d’art
Halcyon Days,
14, Brook St,
London W1Y 1AA
Tel: 020 7629 8811

Supplier of jewellery
Longmire, Paul Ltd,
12, Bury St,
London SW1Y 6AB
Tel: 020 7930 8720

Sword cutlers
Wilkinson Sword Ltd,
19-21, Brunel Rd,
London W3 7UH
Tel: 020 8749 1061

Suppliers of fancy goods
General Trading Co (Mayfair) Ltd,
144, Sloane St,
London SW1X 9BL
Tel: 020 7730 0411

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