In British Biography we look at the lives of people in the arts and sciences throughout British history. If you're interested in the lives of kings, queens, and other politically important folk from the past, check out our History section, and Who's Who in Medieval Britain. For biographies of current members of the Royal Family, see our British Royalty Guide.

Selected Biographies


Blake, William
Constable, John
Chippendale, Thomas
Gainsborough, Thomas
Gibbons, Grinling
Hogarth, William
Morris, William
Reynolds, Joshua
Turner, JMW
Wedgwood, Josiah


Adam, Robert
Archer, Thomas
Barry, Sir Charles
Bodley, GF
Butterfield, William
Campbell, Colen
Clayton and Bell
Hawksmoor, Nicholas
Jones, Inigo
Kempe, C.E.
Nash, John
Pugin, A.W.
Scott, Sir George Gilbert
Street, G.E.
Vanbrugh, Sir John
Wren, Christopher

Science and Engineering

Arkwright, Richard
Brunel, Isambard Kingdom
Newton, Isaac
Stephenson, George
Telford, Thomas
Trevithick, Richard


Brown, Capability
Kent, William
Repton, Humphrey


Austen, Jane

Burns, Robert
Carroll, Lewis
Chaucer, Geoffrey
Conan Doyle, Arthur
Defoe, Daniel
Dickens, Charles
Donne, John
Geoffrey of Monmouth
Hardy, Thomas
Jonson, Ben
Marlowe, Christopher
Scott, Walter
Shakespeare, William
Tennyson, Alfred
Wordsworth, William


Geraldus Cambrensis (Gerald of Wales)
St. Cuthbert
St. David
St. Dunstan
Rae, John


Edith Cavell
Elizabeth Woodville (The White Queen)
Lady Godiva