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Britain Express wants your recommendation for the best B&Bs in the UK.
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Recommended UK Bed and Breakfast

We Want Your Vote!

No, we're not running for political office. We want your vote for the very best bed and breakfasts in Britain. Britain Express is putting together a list of Recommended B&Bs - personally recommended by us and by you.

We invite to invite you to send us your favourite bed and breakfast - and tell us why you recommend it to others. A friendly host? Exceptional service or standard of furnishings? Great value for money? Its up to you. Just fill out the form below and your favorite B & B wil be added to our growing list. See the list here to get a sense of how others have reviewed B&Bs.

Note to B&B owners or their representatives: please do not abuse this list to recommend your own establishment. We are happy to add your B&B website to our web directory. Please use the form here.

Note: We're asking for your email address so we can verify the information you submit, or ask you for clarification. Your contact information will remain absolutely private and will never be disclosed to anyone. If you wish your name to be kept OFF the "Sent in By ...", please check the Privacy box on the form.

Name of B&B


Host/Owner Names

B&B website address (leave blank if unknown)

B&B email (leave blank if unknown)

Your B&B review

Your e-mail address - check your spelling carefully!

Your name

Check here if you want to keep your name OFF our "Sent in By ..." listing. If this box is unchecked we will assume it is ok to post your name at the end of the B&B review in our listings.











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