Clapton Mill (c) Roger Cornfoot
Clapton Mill

Clapton Mill is one of the oldest and most complete watermills remaining in the country, on a site that has had a mill since at least 1257. The Grade-II listed mill features intact 1850s machinery and interior. Guided tours are available on special open days and by arrangement.


Though there has been a mill on this site since the 13th century the current building dates to the 18th century, subsequently heavily remodelled in the middle of the Victorian period. It has remained almost unaltered since then.

The mill was in operation until 1991, since when it has been transformed into a working museum.

There are four large grinding stones, powered by a 21-foot diameter water wheel. Within the mill is a complete roller plant by the Armfield company and the original oil engine by Ruston and Hornsby.