Low Elswick Church Tower
Low Elswick Church Tower (c) Bill Henderson

The tower is all that remains of the Victorian church at Low Elswick. The church was built in begun in 1866 and finished in 1868. The church stands on the edge Cruddas Park, a reminder that the Cruddas family helped pay for the building of the church and for many years served as churchwardens.

The church was declared redundant in 1983 and it passed into the hands of the Churches Conservation Trust four years later.

The body of the church was badly damaged by fire in 1990 and had to be pulled down for safety reasons.

Only the exterior of the tower can be viewed at present, though it has been used by local bellringers from time to time, so hopefully, there will be better public access in future. At present all we can do is admire the beautiful tower with its striking spire.