Towneley Hall Art Gallery and Museum
Towneley Hall Art Gallery and Museum
Part historic house, part museum and gallery, Towneley Hall is an attractive stately home with its roots in the 14th century. It was the home of the Towneley family for over five centuries but has been the home of the Burnley Art Gallery and Museums since 1902.

The original Towneley House was a courtyard manor built about 1400. The medieval house was rebuilt in 1620 and partially torn down in 1700. It was rebuilt once more in 1725 and again in 1817. Finally, the Towneley family sold the house to the Burnley Corporation in 1901 and the house became a museum and gallery space in the following year.

From its simple beginnings as a temporary exhibition space, the Hall has grown to become a multi-purpose museum and gallery, with permanent displays covering regional furniture, natural history, local history, textiles, the decorative arts, and a decidedly non-local exhibition on Egyptology. Visitors can explore Burnley's history in a suite of lovely period rooms.

The Hall is set in the largest park in the Burnley area, with woodland trails, sculpture walks, play areas, ornamental gardens, and a community garden.

Towneley Hall is owned by the Burnley Borough Council who offer free entry for Burnley residents.