St Peter's Church, Burnley (c) Alexander P Kapp
St Peter's Church, Burnley

The original parish church of Burnley, built in 1122. St Peter's has a 15th-century west tower. The interior was rebuilt several times over the centuries; the nave and north aisles date to 1532, while the south aisle was remodelled in 1789. Both aisles have galleries, giving the interior something of a Georgian feel.

Demon Pigs

There is a small heritage centre at St Peter's, with displays that tell the history of the church and Burnley itself. Part of that history includes a demon pig - according to old tales, the builders of St Peter's intended to construct the church at what is now the bottom of Ormerod Road.

However, each night their tools and supplies were mysteriously moved to the current site by a group of pigs, thought to be Satan in disguise. The builders eventually gave up and built the church here.

As a reminder of the role played by demon pigs, they carved a likeness of a pig on the south side of the church tower.