A timber-framed cottage in Henfield
Formerly a village that thrived on the tanning industry, Henfield's heritage as an important staging post in days gone by is also remembered in the number of fine coaching inns to be found in the village. The parish church of St Peter is 13th century, with Victorian remodelling, though there may well have been a church here since the 8th century.

The most interesting historic building in Henfield is the intriguingly named Cat House; a lovely 16th-century thatched cottage named for the row of wrought iron cats who prowl beneath the overhanging thatch-eaves.

The story goes that the owner of the cottage had a canary who was killed by the vicar's cat. The canary's grieving owner put cats all about the cottage so that the vicar who see them every time he passed!

A small museum of local life is located on Coopers Way.