Cowiemuir Cairn
Cowiemuir Cairn
A cairn that may once have been associated with a stone circle (indeed, the site is marked on the OS map as a circle). The cairn is about 21 metres across and just over half a metre high. It may once have been more extensive but it seems to have suffered from stone-stealing over the centuries.

There are a pair of stones in the south-west section of the cairn which may have formed part of a horseshoe-shaped kerb. The eastern stone is conglomerate, while the western stone is red granite. If the remaining stones were spaced evenly there would have been room for six of them in total.

Within the kerb, or ridge, is a circular depression about 17 feet across.

Beyond the cairn, about three metres to the south, are three further stones which may (or may not) have formed part of a stone circle.

About seven miles away is Innesmill Stone Circle.